Government Affairs Committee

The Government Affairs Committee, in collaboration with AFAM’s Executive Committee, plans and oversees all aspects of AFAM’s annual Autism Advocacy Day at the Massachusetts State House. Autism Advocacy Day occurs every April during Autism Awareness Month. It is a time for our community to come together to celebrate legislative and budgetary advancements and publicize our upcoming objectives.  Self-advocates, families, autism professionals, and legislators mingle together to discuss what is working and what needs to be improved. Whether you attend Autism Advocacy Day every year or this April will be your first time at the State House, we welcome you and hope that you will leave invigorated, educated and with a sense that your voice can make a difference.

Government Affairs Committee: 

Gyasi Burks-Abbott

Terri Farrell, Chair

Marie Fryer Zullo

Helen Golding

Chris Hubbard

Ilyse Levine-Kanji

Carrie Noseworthy

Michael Wilcox